Note: This information is provided for customers with current ongoing orders only.

Pricing for arrangements may vary depending on the complexity of the piece or the size of the group. In most cases, the price guide shown below should be fairly accurate. We will always be happy to let you have a quotation before proceeding. Pricing is based on the length of time it will take me to do your arrangement, and also includes the cost of materials and postage. :

Orchestra or Wind band: £30-£40

Ensemble consisting of the same family of instruments: £20-£30 (e.g. string ensemble, recorder ensemble, brass ensemble)

Quartet, for the same type of instrument: £12-£16 (e.g. string quartet, clarinet quartet)

Starter Kit: £45 (Collection of approx 6 pieces, specially arranged)

Additional or replacement full scores: £7

Extra/revised parts for new instruments: £2 (available for any of your previous orders that have been specially arranged for you)