Original Compositions

Due to my retirement, I am no longer accepting orders for pieces to be specially arranged for customers’ ensembles.

I will continue to offer support for arrangements that have been ordered recently, so if you need any additional parts or changes making to these, please use this form.
When ordering, it would be helpful if you could state your order number, this should usually be found at the end of the copyright line at the foot of the first page of your music,
and will normally consist of either a four-digit number, or a letter followed by 8 numbers.
E.g. ‘4471’ or ‘F20221118’.

Tango & Cha-Cha  2 very simple short pieces
Chloe’s Calypso¬†
A simple 24 bar calypso
Marching Along
Very Simple
Megan’s March
A melody of up to an octave
Peasant Stamping Dance
Very Simple
Major & Minor keys, good for mixed groups
Bailey’s Blues
Based on a 12 bar blues
Morris Dance Easy piece ideal for grade 1 and beginners
Two Jazzy Miniatures Very short pieces, one in a major key, one in a minor key.
Miranda’s Minuet Easy piece ideal for grade 1 and beginners
Tango Time Very simple tango
Quickstep This piece (and the next two) were specially written in 1920s style in 1993 for the Leeds Schools Music Association Concert celebrating 100 years of Leeds as a city.
Promenade (see above)
Foxtrot (see above)
The Wayfarer
Junior Jazz Minor key, 3 note main theme, good for percussion.
The D J Slav Cha-Cha Good for percussion, repeated rhythms.
Blackgates Boogie Similar to a 12 bar blues
Balloon Ride Slow to medium composition in 3/4 time,
Calypso Good for percussion, prominent lead part for an advanced melody player.
Short & Sweet As the title suggests, dotted rhythms & chromatic notes used.
Music Hall Medley Original composition in a music hall song style.
Rosalind’s Rumba Major & Minor key sections, good for mixed groups of clarinets/brass and C instruments.
Reggae Roundabout Several 4 bar repeats, ostinato bass line, 3 interlinked melodies.
Reigate Reggae Lots of 4 bar repeats, ostinato bass line, good for percussion.
Roundabout Jazz Minor key, swing style.
Jackey’s Hoe-Down
Dixie Dance
Mystery Mansion Quiet and loud sections
Amherst March Good for drums & trumpets with a fanfare & percussion solo. Written for Amherst School in Kent.
Teatime Tango Another tango-style, a bit more difficult than Tango Time.
Trinity Calypso 3 interlinked melodies, good for percussion.
Jazz Waltz
Celtic Dream A folk-style composition, needs some grade 2+
The Devil’s Stones Another folk-style piece based on a solo melody accompanied by a drone. Grade 2 needed for the soloist, ideally trumpet or clarinet.
Windy Blues
Stone Street Samba Specially written for the centenary of St Lawrence CE School, Sevenoaks.
Diamond Waltz 1920s style waltz.
Magic Spells Some fast moving semiquavers, 6/8 time.
Last Minute Latin
Sunshine Rag In the style of Scott Joplin.
Five 4 Fun It’s in 5/4 time.
Selsdon Tango Another tango, this one’s in Tango Nuevo style, Grade 2-4+.