Music for Schools & Churches

How Music By Arrangement works

Nearly all of our music is specially arranged to order for each individual customer. You tell us what players you have in your group and what approximate standard they are. I will then prepare your customised arrangement(s) of the title(s) that you require (choose your titles from the catalogue pages – see links at foot of this page). I keep a copy of each arrangement on file, so that if you want to add more players later on, this is easily done. Extra parts for new players are added to your personalised arrangement; I can’t just send you a part for the same piece from a different customer’s arrangement, as it may not fit with your version.

The catalogue pages (see links at foot of this page) show examples of some of the titles which can be arranged. These are not ‘ready-made’ publications, but are tailor made to suit your particular group of players.

How to Order

To place an order, follow the link to ‘Purchasing Information and Order Forms’ and then either use one of the online forms, or download an order form in Word or PDF format. Forms that are downloaded can be posted or faxed.

How to list your players

If you’re using one of the online forms, please try to use this kind of format, as shown in the example on the order form:
3 flutes, grades 1-2
1 clarinet, grade 5
4 clarinets, grades 2-3
2 clarinets, beginner
7 violins, grades 1-3 etc.

It’s really helpful if customers can try and stick to the format shown above; if the information is listed in a different way, the first thing I have to do is write it all out again in the correct format, which takes time, and may cause delays.

If possible, work through in ‘score order’ from flutes to double basses, as that saves me time! You can add comments like ‘doesn’t always attend’ or ‘likes a challenge’, but if you have a lot of extra information to tell me, it’s best to do this in a separate email rather than on the player list.

If you choose to use the Word or PDF forms (for posting/faxing) there are 3 columns provided for instrument, number of players, and approximate standard.

How much does it cost?

Please see the prices page for a rough guide to our prices/fees. In nearly all cases, the cost will be as shown on this list. Prices include the printed copies of the arrangement (full score and parts) and delivery. There may be some cases where the cost may be either more or less than those shown in the price guide, for instance where a customer has special requirements which are over and above what we normally provide. In such cases, I will of course always let customers have a quotation before proceeding with any work. If in doubt, please don’t hesitate to ask for advice.

How long will it take to complete the arrangements?

I usually try to complete all orders so that they are received by the customer within 2 weeks of ordering. At most times of year, it will be well within that time, although large orders (e.g. for many different pieces) may take longer. During school term time, we’ll usually send each set out as soon as it is completed, so if you order, for example, 6 pieces, you may receive them in 2 or 3 deliveries.

Special Note for School Orders

If your school requires a Purchase Order to be in place for all orders, please include the PO number on the form, or send it by email, fax, phone or post as soon as possible afterwards.

If your school does not require a Purchase Order, then please make sure that the bursar (or whoever we are sending the invoice to) is aware of your order, so that they are able to match it up with the paperwork that we send them. If we contact a school about an order, and they say they don’t know anything about it, this will cause delays with your order.

Special Note for Personal Orders

After you have placed a personal order, we will send you an invoice by email, usually within one working day. If you don’t receive the invoice, please let us know (but maybe check your spam filter first). Please make arrangements to pay your invoice within 3 working days, otherwise your order will be delayed. Payment can be made by direct bank transfer, PayPal, credit/debit card (online only, via PayPal) or cheque. Information on how to pay will be on your invoice or on the email which accompanies it.

Arrangements of other composer’s copyright works

As most schools only have a limited budget, and want the arrangements fairly quickly, I don’t often undertake arrangements where there is an aspect of copyright assigned to somebody else. This usually takes a long time to sort out, and can sometimes be expensive. Please choose the titles that you require from the catalogue pages if possible. New suggestions are welcome, but note that these should be works that are in the public domain.

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